The Last Men of the Revolution


A Photograph of Each from Life, Together with Views of Their Homes Printed in Colors. Accompanied by brief Biographical Sketches of Men”, by Rev. E. B. Hillard. Hartford, Conn. Published by N. A. & R. A. Moore 1864.

This fine copy is ex-library, bound in old green buckram, with a library perforation in the lower margin of the title page, but it is absolutely complete, including the litho facsimile letter by Edward Everett, which was not issued with all copies, and it has a very interesting provenance with the bookplates of Charles F. Cox, Edward Swan Stickney, the Gilpin Library of the Chicago Historical Society, and most recently Helmut Friedlander. There was a facsimile edition with an introduction by Archibald MacLeish, the grandson of Hilliard, in 1968. Howes 490. Bennett, p. 56. 8vo., fine weave library buckram. 64 pp. with six (6) original mounted albumen prints (each CDV size) within gold printed borders and six chromo-litho plates of the houses. Litho facsimile letter tipped at the beginning. Except for the perforated stamp no other library markings. Very good copy.

The author states in the introduction, ‘the chief interest in this work, lies, of course, in the pictorial representations of the men.’ The note in Truthful Lens states that Hilliard’ was conceivably also the photographer. The photographs were made uniformly under makeshift circumstances as would have been required if the photographs were made in situ while Hilliard visited each for a personal interview.’ Truthful Lens 86 and fig. 30. ‘Published in the waning years of the American Civil War, The Last Men of the Revolution paid tribute to and memorialized the few survivors, all over 100 years old, who had fought in the American Revolution. Elias Brewster Hilliard recounts his visit with each, relating their life stories in brief biographical sketches.’ GEH, Imagining Paradise, p. 128 with 4 illus. The photos were CDVs mounted into the book. They were also issued separately.